Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer so far...

Most people see summer as a time to relax. However, that's not how the Hayes family likes to run things. Let's have a whirlwind of a recap.

First, school ends. This mostly affects me, Jim, since I don't have to go into class anymore. Come to think of it, this probably affected Jaime too because I had more time to make a mess at home... and believe me (you've seen the apartment tour (and if not, get to it!)) with a home of our size, it does not take too long to trash our whole thing... Actually, in all honesty, since class is done I'm now going to lab every day, pretty much like a job. The good thing is that now I don't have to come home and study. Finally... :)

Speaking of jobs... Jaime has started hers, though for now (and the next 10 weeks) she'll be going through orientation. This consists of some class work and some days in the ER. Regardless of what's going on, her alarm (and thus mine) is going off much earlier than it should for a grad student, somewhere in the area of 6-6:30 AM.

Now that we've both started our "real lives," we get to share stories over the dinner table. She's got stories (with no names or identifying details, of course) of crazy things in the ER. Then she asks me, "What'd you do today?" I give the same answer... "I read..." Hopefully soon I'll actually begin doing experiments.

But i forgot about camp! Thankfully we had a chance to head up for a week after class ended and before Jaime started work. It was only a week, but at least we got to go up for one. We were able to make it back up for the video. If you're interested, you can find them at Check out the Laverine and Shirley remake "Dreams Can Come True at PBBC."

Speaking of videos, here's one of when Jaime and I went to the Highline Park last saturday. The Highline was an old elevated rail line on the west side that they've converted into a park. Enjoy!

~Jim 'n Jaime

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