Wednesday, September 29, 2010

We're Back :-D

It has been an extremely long time since our last post. Almost a year actually, wow. So there is way too much to catch up on the whole year, but we can start off where we are now!

So what have we been up to this summer? LOTS of traveling, out to Ohio and Michigan to see both of our families (so much fun). Camping with my parents and church friends, a few weddings, random trips out of the city. We are getting much better at finding alternate means of
transportation to the car. Although i still really miss having a car! Jimmy and I are both really happy to have our schedules settling down again though.

I'm still working steady as ever in the Emergency Department. I'm happy to say God has given me a sense of calm lately which has been a wonderful change to my worrying. I'm defiantly a worrier and even though i have one of those nice jobs where "you leave work at work", I always bring it home with me, going over every patient and what I might have missed. Jimmy is working on getting me out of this! But!! they have started placing me in triage! What is triage you ask?

Well it's actually usually the first person you meet when you walk into the ER. I evaluate the patients (or triage you) and decide how severe the situation is and where you should be placed. This can actually be quite stressful. I'm enjoying it though, it's giving me a new perspective and stretching my skill level. AND making a lot of people
angry at me very quickly! lol It's hard not being able to bring everyone back as quickly as I'd like, as I'm defiantly a people pleaser. It's weird to think that my evaluation has such a large importance. I'm learning though! And ending up with some interesting stories.

So what has Jimmy been up to? Well he finally got another date for his ACE exam, October 14th, please start the praying!!! It will be much appreciated! He's back in his lab working on stuff, most of the things that are way above my head.

We are both excited that The Office and Community are back on schedule, same night as our Fellowship group actually. We have been super blessed with a great group of friends. We met pretty regularly over the summer and really just love being able to hang out with such a great group, I feel like we all really get along so well and I'm so happy we have found a family here in the city.

So that's all for now, we will try to update more! OH! and I finally have something on Jimmy!!

Funny story, Jimmy thought it would be a great idea to hang a towel rack over the space above our stove, direct quote "AND our towels will get dry when we use the burners!" Here is the result of this great idea......
Oh how i love it, and my husband. He walked past our kitchen to a nice little fire, while i was at work, but during our Small group. priceless :-D

P.S. We also moved into a new apartment a few months ago, we'll post another apartment tour, now in one bedroom with a door! I know, super exciting for us!