Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Going non-stop

Hey guys, this is Jaime this time. I figured I should post a little something this time, although i will apologize in advance, i can guarantee that my blog will not be near as entertaining as Jimmy's. :-)

These past few months have been crazy, we spent two weekends at weddings, one at my parents and this last one in Washington DC for our first vacation being married!! Jimmy tells me this constant business is a typical Hayes' summer and I have to admit I'm looking forward to having some down time where we aren't traveling anywhere (Jimmy has a blog planned about our transportation craziness coming up). In between these fun events visiting with everyone, I've been working full time and Jimmy has been going at his work in lab.

I'm finally getting to the end of my orientation time at work. This week will be my last week and I'll get to rotate through each section again. These past 2 weeks I've gotten the chance to be in the Pediatric section of the ER. I have actually enjoyed it more than I expected. In between the screaming babies and having to handle the parents on top of the children, I really enjoy the staff and the resources they have for the kids. They do a lot of teaching to the kids and we have more toys than we could fit into our apartment!! I also have found that starting IVs in day old babies isn't as hard as I had expected, I got a few of them after the residents couldn't, which boosted my confidence :-). My managers are talking about keeping me in the pediatric wing full time. It's something I'm praying about as I'm not sure I want to forgo my adult rotation....so we'll see!
We also started leading a beta group for our church. This past week was the first week and we had 8 people show up! It was really exciting and we really enjoyed the people that were there! Jimmy and I both realized how our excitement can get a little overpowering and we found ourselves to be talking a lot, something we are both working on! I haven't been involved in a real commitment like this since college and it's so nice to be a part of it again. My church in PA was so big our small groups were 20+ people(not great for making good relationships). So keep us in your prayers! Hopefully we didn't scare anyone away and that we can both learn to be okay with silence! :-)

Onto this weekend in DC....so much fun. My parents met us down there for a few days, my mom has never been and has been talking about going since I've been young. It was nice having them there to hang out with. We defiantly didn't tone down our schedule and they kept up the whole time!! We got to see some amazing things, the Hope Diamond, Arlington and changing of the guards, most of the museums, it was a great vacation and the weather was beautiful. I don't know how you guys had it up here but we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!!
So that's it for now. I've been reading everyone elses blogs and emails from missions abroad and it's so exciting to hear about everything that has been going on! Thanks for reading ours!

~Jaime 'n Jim