Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mishaps of Modern Living...

We've come to a simple, yet poingant realization...

Mothers are amazing. We don't know how they can do it all. 2 examples:

1. Brownies
I don't mean to brag, but Mrs Hayes (that's Judy, not Jaime) is known throughout the community
for her brownie making ability. Naturally we just both assumed that this magic skill was either transferred genetically via birth or it was a divine gift bestowed upon taking the name of Mrs. Hayes. Alas, neither such case seems to be true. Point and case...

The other night, we were heading out to a barbecue and, being excited newly-weds with a kitchen, we thought we'd make brownies. Well, after setting them to bake,
we both failed to check the time at when they
should come out and Jaime happened to get engrossed in a phone call. Nevertheless, we were reminded of the brownies when we smelled the distinct odor of burning food wafting out of the kitchen. Believe me when I say they could not be
salvaged... It was a valiant effort.

2. Getting stains out of white shorts...
So Jim left a pen in his pocket with the point out, when started to leak blue ink everywhere. No problem. Get to scrubbing. After literally scrubbing a blister in his finger, he made another insightful discovery - fabric softener makes for terrible detergent. It's obvious to say that the stain did not come out. After trying with real detergent, Jaime was able to get a decent amout of ink out and hung them to dry over the shower curtain bar.

...which is where they picked up a vicious rust stain. So, Jaime decided to just throw them in the wash and trust the power of the Maytag Machine. She also decided to wash a new bright red
skirt at the same time. Yes, the skirt bled. Yes, the white shorts became pink. ::sigh::
Progression of shorts: White + ink stain + a little blood from Jim's blister + rust from shower curtain rod + pink coloring from Jaime's skirt --> Conclusion: the shorts were not meant to be worn again.

Trust me... the pink is worse in real life than the picture can portray.

Until next time...
~Jim 'n Jaime