Thursday, May 21, 2009

I can see the light at the end of the train tunnel...

Hey guys,

So a fun update, I got a job offer from New York Presbyterian Hospital today for a RN postion in the ER. yay! God is really providing which we are so thankful for. I'm also really excited that my every-other-week train ride will be coming to an end soon! I don't start until July 20th so I have a few more months. At least I get to go to camp! :-) Jimmy is excited he will have me full time now lol. He's been doing a great job of trying to have the apartment clean when I get home though, so cute :-).

Talk to you guys later!


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  1. Coolbeans! Do y'all still go to Redeemer. Since I started work at Warner Bros. Music in the city I've been committed to their Sunday 6:30 service. Maybe we'll cross paths?

    -satchell drakes